Download and Installation

Robot Mega Power Software
RMP Version 1.00 comming soon

Please wait for a while, we changed the structure of the company, so it takes a while to be setuped again.
In the meantime we will contact you by email. If you answer us, you can use the complete package for 30 days and also receive guest access with login to our RMP Trading Club for this time.
With the first monthly fee, or the annual one-off payment, you are then a real member of our trading community.

 [Click to visit the YouTube RMP-Trading Channel]

Open Free Demo Account

To learn Robot Trading, we recommend opening a demo account with our partner broker GBE Brokers.

It only takes 5 minutes, no ID required. The account has 10,000 EUR and is ideal to start trading immediately.

Installation Guide

Video instruction of the installation of RMP-Suite, all versions equivalent.

Text installation instructions:
Download SetupRMP100.exe, with the right mouse button, click in the menu “Run as administrator”, then confirm OK, select the language from the drop-down list and click “ok”. Now tick the Metatrader installations in which you want to install. Click “Next”, finished. Each version can always be installed over the existing one.

Instructions with account opening

Installation video with account opening GBE Brokers.