What is special about RMP Trading?

We’re no better than others, we’re just different. Different in the sense of, we only trade like everyone else, in the same markets, with the same money, only with different programs. There are enough tools that can help us trade, so why is there another program? There is a system that served as an idea for our robot as a template. We would like to present our RMP-Suite as a supplement. It can act automatically and with the right settings it can also be adequately controlled. We don’t act like everyone else, and claim that risk-money management is absolutely necessary, what is special about us is that you determine the trading volumes and you determine the profit. The program will execute and monitor your instructions, but in such a quick manner that you will not be able to do it manually. The RMP programs work in mini operation, i.e. they trade in small steps only much more frequently. You are trading in 24 different chart windows and want to make a profit of € 0.30 per chart, with 15-25 points, but you only need a maximum of 0.03 lots per chart.
Now we come to the advantages of machine trading with RMP, it can be more often and it can be faster and thus it is also less risky! Up to the last trade you have a risk of 0.00% !!
The RMP-Suite begins its work and will try to achieve a profit of 0.30 € in 24 charts with a starting amount of 0.01 lots and a maximum of 0.03 lots. A maximum of 4 trades are carried out, because the 4th is placed in the hedge, i.e. neutralized. The process is called hedge and means that there is now no current loss, but we are in a waiting loop. This case, that after 4 trades, no profit has been made, only applies to approx. 4% with 24 chart windows (statistics after more than 15,000 trades), i.e. approx. 96% of all trades have achieved the desired profit. We have found that the handling of 24 chart windows and the repeated starting after success cannot be timed as desired, which is why the RMP-Suite was created.

A Robot with Mega Power

But there will always be people who are very pessimistic, to whom it should be said that it is certainly possible that all 24 charts get into the so-called hedge because 100% have gone in the wrong direction. While this is unlikely, it is possible. In this case the hedge value is approx. € 24.00. Now that at least € 0.30 has been achieved in a chart, the RMP immediately starts a new trade and wants to achieve the next € 0.30. This would go on forever if we didn’t sensibly limit the system and thus also minimize the risk. There are worthwhile times for trading and less worthwhile ones, the times around the market opening e.g. DAX 9: 00-10: 30 or DowJones for the American market opening etc. You cannot lose any money while trading!
Every trade comes in profit or in the hedge!
All hedge trades are resolved against each other!
You cannot lose any money while the hedge is being closed!
Ultimately, there will be 1 trade left that was not closed.
This can then be deleted or resolved using conventional means.